Monday, 2 June 2014

Recommend to a Friend - Lets Talk Blog Challenge

Alas, it is our last week of our Lets Talk Blog Challenge. :( It's being hosted by the very lovely Sarah Hammersley. You can have a little nosey at her blog page here Really do not know where the time has gone. So happy to have gotten to know so many other bloogers. Although this is the end of the challenge, it's definitely not goodbye. :)

So this weeks subject is Recommend to a Friend. We had the choice of picking a beauty product, shop, make up product, location. Whatever we wanted really. So I decided to do beauty product and make up product, since this will be the last post of the challenge. And, well, i'm just that kind of person! :)

So, first up is beauty product. We all need to exfoliate to keep our skin looking pristine. With sensitive skin like mine, I can't use any old product. I normally need to steer clear of the exfoliating creams with gritty bits in them, as its too harsh for my skin on my face. Fear not! Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is the perfect product for sensitive skin and, well, you can use daily. This comes in powder form. Shake a bit onto your hand, add water and work into a lather on your face. This stuff will literally leave your skin feeling squeaky clean. I love using this after a night out. I'll admit, I'm not always regimented in taking my make up off after a night out. This stuff makes me feel slightly less guilty about that the morning after. 

Make up product is next. This was so difficult to pick! I have so many its not even funny. I had to try and break it down to my current favourite finds. So I have two. If you're looking for the perfect red lippy, look no further than MACs Ruby Woo. I love this product so much. It has a matte finish and has a blue undertone so it makes your teeth look white. Once this stuff goes on, it really does last for hours. But be careful applying it as can be difficult to take off. My other current favourite product is Inglot Sparkle Dust. I have already reviewed this product so you can read that here.

We were also asked to pick our favourite post throughout this whole challenge. For me, this was very difficult. My blog was literally brand new when I started this, so I really didn't know anyone or even know what I was doing half the time. I was delighted to get involved so I could get to know other bloggers and their pages. Sarah was very welcoming and made me feel right at home from the word go, so I feel a special thanks is owed to her. 

Aside from that, I did my best to get involved and read every post every week. I loved all the posts and everyones take on things and I feel slightly mean picking out one person. But I always say its nice to be complimented and people don't give them often enough so here goes..... One particular lady stood out for me. Claire from Loves and Looks. I found her posts to be quite witty and really liked her style of writing. My favourite post of hers was the Survival Guide. Again, this wasn't an easy choice as there was some pretty stiff competition. It was so lovely to meet you all and I look forward to catching up again soon. 

Rach Xx

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Monday, 26 May 2014

Magazine vs Blogging - Lets Talk Blog Challenge

Week five starting this week of our Lets Talk Blog Challenge, It's being hosted by the very lovely Sarah Hammersley. You can have a little nosey at her blog page here 

So, out of all of the weeks, I found this one the hardest to write about, so i'm afraid this piece will be short and sweet this week. There are so many different types of magazines out there. On everything really! I don't really buy magazines, but if I do, it's normally one of those celeb based ones. Where there's pictures of Kate Mosses cellulite plastered on the front cover. It's what lures me in to buy them. It makes me feel slightly better about myself knowing celebs are just like us really. Generally, I don't buy them to read about the woman who was struck by lightening twice. It's to look at all the shiny pictures, fashion trends and different beauty products.

So which do I prefer to read? Probably blogs! I can get lost in a sea of blogs when i'm checking out a product I want to know more about. Blogging is much more personal and I find people are more likely to be more honest about a product. Also, there are a lot of bloggers out there that just blog for fun. They may not get paid to write about a certain product. So if these people are taking time out of their busy schedules to write about a piece of clothing or a beauty product, they obviously feel pretty strongly about it. Good or bad! Magazines may review a product, but rather than it being one persons opinion, you have at least two or more after the original piece has been edited. I would assume most articles are written to "sell" to the reader, so to speak. So if i'm looking for a real honest opinion on a product, i'll usually go with a bloggers opinion on things. But that doesn't mean I won't be buying magazines anymore. I just take different things from each. There is a certain comfort curling up on the couch with a cuppa, a bar of chocolate and a magazine, that I don't think will ever die 
in me. :) 

Rach Xx

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Monday, 19 May 2014

A First Date Survival Guide - Lets Talk Blog Challenge

Week four starting this week of our Lets Talk Blog Challenge, It's being hosted by the very lovely Sarah Hammersley. You can have a little nosey at her blog page here 

This weeks topic is - Survival Guide! We had the option of choosing either a First Date Survival Guide, A Wedding Day Survival Guide, A Night Out Survival Guide or A Festival Survival Guide.

Being single, A First Date Survival Guide seemed to be the most obvious choice for my subject this week. Personally, I hate the dating scene. At least, the initial first few dates after a break up. I've been lucky enough in the past in that I have never been on any disastrous dates. 99% of them have been pretty good. I'd like to consider myself a good judge of character. If I get on with someone or if there's a connection, I find that's a good start. I've learned to always trust my gut when it comes to relationships, because, guess what ladies, it never lies!!! That's all well and good if you meet the person on a night out or if you actually know them as a friend before hand, but what if you only met them online? It's a lot harder to get to know someone through text/mail. Especially with this Catfish programme out now, you really don't know who you're talking to until you meet them! So here is my survival guide for date night for boys and girls! :)

Rule #1 - be polite, with a bit of chivalry on top. :) It's such a simple thing but it baffles me the amount of people who walk the streets that don't have basic manners. It costs nothing to have manners and they make all the difference. Open the car door, watch your P's and Q's, hold the door open for her.... It may all seem irrelevant, but trust me, its not. Its one of the things I notice. Every girl wants to feel like the Queen of Sheba on a date, and if she says she doesn't, its a big fat lie! Attention to detail is the winner here. Speaking of Chivalry reminded me of this little video. It's hands down the cutest video you will see on the net today!! 

Rule #2 - location, location, location. Pick somewhere you will feel comfortable. I personally think the cinema is probably the worst place to go on a first date. Sitting in the dark for 2-3 hours not talking to each other is no way to get to know someone. I don't really like eating in front of people I don't know either. Especially if it's something like chicken wings - not flattering! So perhaps a nice cosy pub thats not too loud might suit, horse riding, ice skating... You name it, whatever works. But something you can have a bit of fun with and a few laughs.

Rule #3 - plan an escape. I know this sounds so dramatic and I really hope you don't ever have to use this one, but its something that needs to be considered. Especially if you've met this person on the net and you're getting weird vibes from them in the first five minutes. Have a friend call or text after a certain period of time maybe? Sometimes knowing a friend is in the area can be an added comfort. Either way, the chances of needing to use this one are slim, but not unheard of. You don't want to have to leg it out of the emergency exit 10 minutes after your arrival. Or maybe you do.... It'll make for a good story later! ;) 

Rule #4 - enjoy yourself! Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment with nerves taking over, we forget to just loose ourselves in the moment and just be ourselves. Think of light subjects to chat about, keep it fun and simple, laugh and just be you. If you find any of that is difficult for you with the person in question, then maybe he's not the one for you.  

Rule #5, and this is a big one for me - do not talk about your ex! You scored the hot guy, there was a connection, you got the date, you put in the effort to look extra nice for him... And then the exs crop up. I think it's pretty self explanatory. No one wants to sit there and listen to a potential suitor talk about his long lost love, Mary, the one who got away. Or Fidelma, with the lips like a duvet. Come on! Its common courtesy for the current person you are dating to not talk about these people. At least until you have built enough trust in each other for the topic to come up. But if you're struggling to not talk about them, maybe you should ask yourself why they are constantly coming up? The conversation always comes around to what is currently on your mind. From personal experience, this literally destroyed the trust and confidence in a relationship that had the potential to be something so beautiful. This also works both ways ladies. Guys have feelings too you know! 

So thats my survival guide to a first date. Have any of you had weird or wonderful dates? Share the wealth please! :)  

Rach Xx

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Birthday Box - Lets Talk Blog Challenge

Actually cannot believe that round three is kicking off this week of our Lets Talk Blog Challenge, It's being hosted by the very lovely Sarah Hammersley. You can have a little nosey at her blog page here

This weeks subject is called Birthday Box. I am a massive fan of birthdays! All the fuss, presents, cake, I mean, what's not to like? Now, asking me if I would like aaaaanything I wanted for my birthday is a rather broad spectrum of things! I mean, i'd love to wake up to a brand new BMW convertible outside my house and be whisked off to the Caribbean for a month, all expenses paid. But lets face it, reality would come along and give me a massive slap in the face and bring me to my senses. So instead of going way over the odds of reality, I've stretched a teeeeeny tiny bit above it. Ok, maybe more than a tiny bit but what the heck. Its my birthday after all! No one can argue with me. :)

One word - MAC! Oh, how three tiny little letters can bring so much happiness to my soul! I love MAC makeup. Who doesn't really? You could literally buy me anything from this store and I would be over joyed with happiness. The eyeshadows have amazing pigment, the lipsticks have staying power. I could literally blow thousands in that shop in seconds! 

Every girl loves a bit jewellery. I'm not overly keen on gold but thats not to say i'd rule it out. I love things that are original and stand out. Something a bit different from the norm. I stumbled across this little beauty recently. From Tiffanys of course. I don't really need to explain much further, the photo speaks for itself....

I love shoes. Its a simple as that. Especially high heels. I'd love nothing more than to own pair of Christian Louboutins. So if anyone is willing to part with roughly €500 and spend it on me, i'll gladly accept!! :)

And lastly, well, since I have such a love for all the fancy, shiny, lovely, makeup things, I would obviously need the perfect place to store them! I found this fabulous table online and love everything about it. The only thing I would add, is those gigantic theatre lights all around it, so people can see my room from space.

So that pretty much sums up my ideal birthday box. You can also throw in perfume, a nice handbag (designer preferably), clothes, did I say shoes? Ehm, and yes, ANYTHING else beauty related. :) 

Rach Xx

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Saturday, 10 May 2014

I'm back..... :)

Hi folks,

Sorry I've been away for so long... My laptop charger decided to die on me last week and it took a while to get my hands on one. But I'm back in business now! So plenty of time to get bloggin' about beauty, fashion and all things pretty... :)

Rach Xx

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