Monday, 21 April 2014

Dove Summer Glow

As i've mentioned before, I love having a tan. Everything looks better with a tan. Even when you're in your tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt lounging around the house. This product is so handy for taking the edge off the pasty white glow that I call my natural skin colour. I also love to use this to extend the longevity of my spray tan. Usually when I get to day 4, the spray tan starts to become patchy and sort of cracked looking. A quick layer of this fills in the gaps and gives it that fresh look again.

Its smells pretty delish going on and has a sparkly glittery finish. Unfortunately it doesn't take long before the fake tan smell starts to rear its ugly head, so I wouldn't recommend putting this on before you go out on a date or whatever. At least on your upper body. I sometimes find that tan doesn't take so well to my legs, so I may need an extra layer to even things up. Its handy to throw this on before before heading out as it develops over time. Obviously you need to be careful applying this because there is no tint to the cream. But the bonus is, as the tint is so subtle, even if you did massively mess it up, it wouldn't really show as strong as a regular tan.

Another tip with this product - when you "think" you've gotten to the end of the bottle, get yourself a giant pair of scissors and cut it open. There should be enough product left in there to cover at least two bodies!!  Also, if you're applying this with your hands, be sure to wash them afterwards.

Have any of you used this product before? What are your thoughts on it? Do you have a similar product that you prefer?

Rach Xx

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