Monday, 14 April 2014

Simple Skin Care Range

Hi guys,

I try my best to take good care of my skin. Especially now that I have ageing skin. I moisturise twice a day, using a cream with SPF for during the day, a night cream and an eye cream. I don't really mind spending good money on moisturisers but I do like to change things up every few months. As most people will relate, all of my expensive products seem to run out at exactly the same time. Aside from this being highly annoying at the wrong end of the month, its also a lot of money if you use expensive products. So to get myself out of a hole, I grabbed a day cream, a night cream and an eye cream from the Simple Skin Care range. I'll admit, I use Simple face wipes the odd time. We all know face wipes in general are not the best product for anyone to use, but they're just too handy at the end of a long day. The rest of the time, I use Simple Moisturising Facial Wash in the shower. As my skin had never broken out using any of these products, I decided to try the creams.

So this time around, I grabbed the Regeneration Age Resisting Day Cream SPF 15 for €7.69

Vital Vitamin Night Cream for €7.90

and Soothing Eye Balm for €4.89.

I bought these in Boots pharmacy. Lucky for us, Boots often have three for two offers, so buying these three products really wasn't expensive at all. I have quite oily skin, but I am a sucker for a cream that makes my skin feel moisturised and nourished. I found both the day and night cream gave me the richness I was after but also didn't leave my skin feeling too oily.

The eye cream was OK and does offer some hydration, but not enough for me. I would have preferred if this cream was richer and had more moisture in it for night time use. For day time, this dries quickly enough and sits well under my foundation so all is not lost.

All in all, I think these creams are a perfect go to product if you're on a budget, need to keep spare creams in a boyfriend or girlfriends house, in work or in your gym bag. Especially if you don't want to be carrying around your expensive creams all the time. Three products for €15.59 is an excellent price for what you are getting and is definitely money well spent. Happy shopping!

What bargain creams do you guys use? Have you have you would like to recommend?

Rach Xx

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