Monday, 12 May 2014

Birthday Box - Lets Talk Blog Challenge

Actually cannot believe that round three is kicking off this week of our Lets Talk Blog Challenge, It's being hosted by the very lovely Sarah Hammersley. You can have a little nosey at her blog page here

This weeks subject is called Birthday Box. I am a massive fan of birthdays! All the fuss, presents, cake, I mean, what's not to like? Now, asking me if I would like aaaaanything I wanted for my birthday is a rather broad spectrum of things! I mean, i'd love to wake up to a brand new BMW convertible outside my house and be whisked off to the Caribbean for a month, all expenses paid. But lets face it, reality would come along and give me a massive slap in the face and bring me to my senses. So instead of going way over the odds of reality, I've stretched a teeeeeny tiny bit above it. Ok, maybe more than a tiny bit but what the heck. Its my birthday after all! No one can argue with me. :)

One word - MAC! Oh, how three tiny little letters can bring so much happiness to my soul! I love MAC makeup. Who doesn't really? You could literally buy me anything from this store and I would be over joyed with happiness. The eyeshadows have amazing pigment, the lipsticks have staying power. I could literally blow thousands in that shop in seconds! 

Every girl loves a bit jewellery. I'm not overly keen on gold but thats not to say i'd rule it out. I love things that are original and stand out. Something a bit different from the norm. I stumbled across this little beauty recently. From Tiffanys of course. I don't really need to explain much further, the photo speaks for itself....

I love shoes. Its a simple as that. Especially high heels. I'd love nothing more than to own pair of Christian Louboutins. So if anyone is willing to part with roughly €500 and spend it on me, i'll gladly accept!! :)

And lastly, well, since I have such a love for all the fancy, shiny, lovely, makeup things, I would obviously need the perfect place to store them! I found this fabulous table online and love everything about it. The only thing I would add, is those gigantic theatre lights all around it, so people can see my room from space.

So that pretty much sums up my ideal birthday box. You can also throw in perfume, a nice handbag (designer preferably), clothes, did I say shoes? Ehm, and yes, ANYTHING else beauty related. :) 

Rach Xx

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  1. Oooh my dream make up desk set up! So nice and organized and look at all the make up?! Love it :D

    That ring is beautiful :O And MAC makes the world go round! Unlimited funds and a trip to MAC would be a dream come true! Love your choices xx

    1. Its amazing isn't it? I saw a blogger recently on FB who got a table similar in Ikea i think??

      I just need a lifetime of free make up to that place! Thats not much to ask, is it? X

  2. oh thats such a dream of mine too, fabulous storage space, like an office but just full of everything beauty...heaven! But shoes, makeup, jewellery, yes, totally agree, gotta treat yourself to a bit of high end on your birthday ;)
    Great to have you back too,

    1. Only problem is i'd need a lot of money to fill it! :)
      Thanks Sarah... Felt like an eternity! I rely on this laptop faaaar too much!! X

  3. Oh my god Rachel!!! Where is that table from??!! I must have it!! :) x

    1. I know Shelley, right?! I saw a similar one in Ikea with a small drawer in the top of it. You could probably buy a separate mirror there too and stool! :) X

  4. Great post! I'm wishing for the same things :D That table is amazing, I wish I had one of these...
    You have a great blog here! Would you like to follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin? Let me know on my blog :))

    Kisses, Kali

    1. Hi Kalina, I'm so sorry. I must have missed this comment? Thanks so much. :) Still so much to learn from the blog world, but getting there! :) I've followed your blog. Looking forward to reading your posts X